Running for our train

‚ÄčA gentle hold with it’s forgiving touch.
Both hand in hand running for our train.

Just four foolish feet kicking up dusty hope.
As we swear all the way to god knows where.

The dawn shines in your eyes a deeper sky.
And it’s in this light I swear I see my hereafter.

Before one found the other two went without.
Now she serves me love and my own feeds her soul.

A gentle hold with it’s forgiving touch.
Both hand in hand running for our train.

Of the kind

Once upon a time I was of the kind
to live my days with no meaning.

Gave lying prayers to heeding angels while lying next to sleeping devils.

A hollow philosophical pretender
who long before sold his truth short.

With the feigning teary eyes
that only ever wept for myself.

Now from the position of traveled
time’s perspective I see a life in ruin.

And though it pains me fiercly having
to ommit my ever after ending.

I still find an ambivalence in the
unclear future’s aphotic promise.


Tears for Fears – Head over heels

‘My faithless grace’

Verily I say unto thee, as above so below.
Elysian benediction is now upon my soul.

That which was lost to the affected worldly dialectic.
This devoted doubter has found in his sympathetic skeptic.

Two faithless believers guided by
the hand of iconoclasm.
Now my impious priestess flows in
my very vasa vasorum.

Massive Attack -Angel

‘From licentious lips’

My lovely dark evocator drink once
more from your wicked philter.

From licentious lips in covetous
tongue speak spells of immortality.

On this stygian night prepare for
me a place at your graven table.

Called forth by the seducing heat
my sinful anima returns for you.

The smoke of flame moving cravingly
across your enraptured form.

Opening yourself, my spirit into flesh ravishing your body and soul.

Great Lake Swimmers – Moving pictures silent films

‘Sapphire restoration’

Upon winged halcyon fate bore
me unto your healing waters.

Where at the shore’s edge I drank
deeply of their sapphire restoration.

Granting a broken hand to so freely
write this mended soul’s new story.

Changed in your wake, better by your fidelity, I am forever grateful to you.